Tú No Existes

Tú No Existes has won the attention of the media, radio stations, music blogs and magazines, such as Scanner FM, iCat FM, Radio 3, Binaural, Musikorner or Jenesaispop. They are even being named as one of the best newcomers bands in Latin American media, getting good reviews from Linne Magazine, Me Hace Ruido, Distrito Global and the Mexico DF radio show Código Indie,  highlighted by American media he influential portal of new global trends, Remezcla.
Their first LP, ‘Tercera República’ has been defined as a “Mix of electronics with world-wide influences and deeply rooted in Spanish pop tradition”. They rescue echoes of Radio Futura and the open-minded attitude of El Último de la Fila, reinventing them while updating those sounds to our current time being.

Estil: Electrònica / World Music

Població: Barcelona, Cornellà de LLobregat, Samara (Russia) i Venecia (Italia)

Temes del grup: